Brownie DIY Jar Gift

Making home-made gifts for people is such a satisfying experience.


We going over for dinner to a neighbour’s house and didn’t want to go with just the normal cliche of Wine and Flowers, so I decided to make this Large Brownie Mix Jar.


They are oh so simple, all you need is your favourite recipe, and then think about how you can layer the items. I do know that if you have chocolate or nuts then make sure you leave these as your last layers, as the flours and sugar have a way of getting into all the gaps, which then doesn’t give the best look.IMG_9600

I opted for my favourite Brownie recipe with added chocolate chips and walnuts.


Its easier to divide the recipe into 2 and layering as then it gives you nicer layers instead of just a layer or two.


Always label with instructions on what to do, i.e how much wet ingredients to put in and how long to bake for.Otherwise the person you give it too may be lost what to do with it.


Wrap up in the cellophane and tie with a little ribbon for the lovely food gift.

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