Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes

There is something about a devilish chocolate cupcake smothered with delicate raspberry frosting – it’s like the perfect match! Well Actually raspberry seems to go with all kinds of chocolate, while, dark and even milk!  I think adding a little … Read More

Princess Caste Tear and Share Cupcakes

Tear and share cupcake cakes are just a genius idea – so thank you who ever you are. I think these types of cakes work great for kids parties and even adult parties so no cake cutting it needed to … Read More

Vanilla Raspberry Cupcakes

Vanilla and raspberry cupcakes are match made in heaven, lovely soft moist vanilla cupcake with a a delicate creamy raspberry frosting. Sometimes the eyes need that extra kick, so I did actually add a little pink food colouring to the … Read More

Triple Chocolate Muffins

These triple chocolate muffins are deliciously rich and stuffed with dark, milk and white chocolate. Making chocolate muffins is like therapy – when I fancy some thing sweet like these yummy muffins then if I bake them then the craving … Read More

Terrys Chocolate Orange CupCakes

Moist orange chocolate cake, smothered with Chocolate orange flavoured creamy frosting and 2 Terry’s minis – we this is pretty much infused with orange throughout so if you like the orange chocolate combo you will love this recipe!  Did you … Read More

Snickers CupCakes

A chocolate sponge with a thick layer of caramel creamy frosting, a drizzle of homemade caramel sauce a piece of snickers and sprinkle of salted chopped peanuts…what does this sound like? Yes you got it right, a Snickers inspired cupcake! … Read More

Oreo Cupcakes

Inline with past few posts here is my Oreo inspired cupcake. Chocolate cupcake with a hidden Oreo inside covered with creamy vanilla Oreo frosting.  I decided to try putting in a whole Oreo inside the cupcake, which I thought would … Read More

Bounty Cupcakes

Soft moist coconut sponge topped with creamy chocolate coconut frosting, it’s just like eating a Bounty bar in cupcake form. Yes this is my second post on chocolate bar cupcake creations – keep tuned in and a few more creations … Read More

KitKat CupCakes

Imagine a KitKat cupcake, what would you think it be like, here is my view of the KitKat in a cupcake. Soft sponge vanilla covered in creamy chocolate frosting and of course a KitKat stuck on top and all of … Read More

Apple & Carrot Cupcakes

I really enjoy playing with recipes and new and creative combinations, some times they work and some just go in the bin, but unless you try you will never know if it will work or not. I’m generally pretty lucky, … Read More

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