Triple Chocolate Muffins

These triple chocolate muffins are deliciously rich and stuffed with dark, milk and white chocolate. Making chocolate muffins is like therapy – when I fancy some thing sweet like these yummy muffins then if I bake them then the craving … Read More

Bourbon Muffins Eggless

Sometimes I even surprise my self when I’m playing with combinations! These muffins were amazing, initially I made them with the plan of being vegan friendly, however the bourbon biscuits have diary, unless you use a dairy free biscuits.  A … Read More

Vegan Blackberry Mini Muffins

Have you ever had something then told afterwards it’s a vegan version, and thought to yourself ‘wow I can’t even tell it was dairy and egg free?!’, well these little muffins are exactly the same, they taste like normal egg … Read More

Spiced Pumpkin Muffins

These lightly spiced moist pumpkin muffins are super delicious! They have that Autumn Christmas feel to them. If you love Cinnamon and Ginger then you will love these little comfort muffins with a hot cuppa. Pumpkin is very American, and … Read More

Mango Blackberry Crumble Muffins

Mango and Blackberry crumble muffins have been my newest flavour combinations which has worked brilliantly, as the sweetness of the mango and the slight tartness from blackberries work so well together, then with the crumble top is just amazing. Blackberries … Read More

Chunky Monkey Eggless Muffins

Another great recipe for using up ripe bananas, but this little muffin is also eggless. This soft fluffy muffin is a great lunch box treat or mid morning snack. Bananas and chocolate are a great combination sometimes is also known … Read More

Mini Oat Chocolate Bar Muffins

These mini muffins are great kids treats or lunch box treats. They making a great balanced treat as the in my book the oats and whole wheat flours offset the chopped up chocolate bars! 🙂 It’s usually this time of … Read More

Raisin Oat Muffins

I’ve loving this new way of baking where I completely make it up! Experimenting is my new kitchen adventure at the moment. When I started baking I would never change or adapt a baking recipe for the main part – … Read More

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