Coloured Coconut SnowBalls – Diwali Recipe

Coloured coconut balls are great for any occasion, I’ve made them for Diwali this year and keeping these coconut coloured ladoo simple with no cardamom or saffron – very children friendly. These are great to make with children, as they … Read More

Rainbow Cup Cakes

This is the first time I’ve tried multi coloured cup cakes. This was actually rather fun to make, however due to wastage of piping bags and mixing colours, I was only able to get 8-9 cupcakes out of the may … Read More

Pinata Cup Cakes!

A piñata pronounced pin yah ta is a container often made of something you can break into which is decorated, and filled with small toys or candy, or both, and then broken as part of a ceremony or celebration in … Read More

Jacket style potatoes

The kids wanted jacket potatoes, however all I had in were baby potatoes, so why not improvise? Ingredients 1 onion 8-10 small new potatoes 2 Tbsp Oil 1 Tbsp Butter 3 Garlic Cloves 1/2 Parsley 1/2 Tin of Sweetcorn 1 … Read More

Marshmallow Cornflake Chocolate Crispies

Ingredients: 200g Milk Chocolate 100g CornFlakes 50g Marshmallows Sprinkles Melt milk chocolate in a glass microwave proof bowl for 20 seconds at a time until completely melted. In a large bowl add the corn flakes Pour in the melted chocolate … Read More

Fruity Breakfast for Kids

Its always tough trying to find quick different “treat” type breakfast ideas. SO here a couple of fruity ideas! Brioche with sliced fruit ( banana, strawberries and raspberries) with fresh cream and strawberry sauce. Toasted waffles with sliced fruit ( … Read More