New Potato Garlic Herb Hassle backs

New Potato Garlic Herb Hassle backs are just the perfect cute little size and so much better than regular boiled potatoes or chips!… Read More

KitKat CupCakes

Imagine a KitKat cupcake, what would you think it be like, here is my view of the KitKat in a cupcake. Soft sponge vanilla covered in creamy chocolate frosting and of course a KitKat stuck on top and all of … Read More

Rocky Road Bars

Biscuits, marshmallows, crispies, chocolate then covered in chocolate in bar, is something that would have come from the US, and yes like magic it was  created in the US, originally in ice cream form back in 1929 by William Dreyer. … Read More

Buttermilk Healthy Waffles

After many attempts of trial and error it’s finally got me here, to the best and healthy buttermilk waffle recipe. There is something so good about a fresh buttermilk waffle, soft and warm inside and a slightly crisp outside. Then of … Read More

Vegan Stuffed Peppers with Buckwheat, Rice and Veggies

When I tell people I don’t eat meat, I don’t eat fish and now I don’t eat eggs and dairy….then I get that look, the look of ‘what an earth do you eat girl?’. Yes I know for some it’s … Read More

Vegan Healthy Protein Balls

Have you ever had a no sugar low carb protein bar? Well, they are usually like £2.50 a bar and only about 40g, which is pretty expensive. I was having a few of these vegan friendly protein bars on my … Read More

S’more Bar

These uber yummylious S’mores Bars are just perfect for those munchies moments! Layers of crushed biscuits, melted chocolate and fluffy marshmallows toasted and then sliced into bars and even the kids can get involved!  A S’more (Some More) is an american traditional nighttime … Read More

SnickerDoodle Spider Cookies

This very American Style cookie called a SnickerDoodle is actually delicious, specially if you like the hint of cinnamon on a thick crumbly chewy soft cookies. A snicker doodle is a cookie made with butter, sugar, flour cinnamon, cream of … Read More

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