Vegan Protein Pancakes

Vegan protein pancakes are a delicious soft made to perfection pancakes packed with vitamins and nutrients… Read More

New Potato Garlic Herb Hassle backs

New Potato Garlic Herb Hassle backs are just the perfect cute little size and so much better than regular boiled potatoes or chips!… Read More

Vegan Christmas Pudding

Vegan Christmas Pudding is a perfect steamed rich fruit pudding made with no eggs or dairy.… Read More

Healthy Eggless Potato Salad

For someone who really likes potato salad special flavoursome creamy ones, it seems like FOREVER since I last had some. At least over a couple of years, but even before going vegan. Sometimes you need a little comfort creamy potato salad … Read More

Chili Pepper Sauce

Have you ever made something at home then realised how quick and easy it is? That’s the feeling I got when I had made fresh chili pepper sauce from scratch. It was very satisfying and knowing exactly what went into … Read More

Skinny Veggie Chili

I love sitting down during the colder months, having a big bowl of vegetarian chili with rice. The perfect veggie chili is such a staple in my house, specially using this virtually fat-free healthy vegetarian chili makes it so much … Read More

Vegan Stuffed Peppers with Buckwheat, Rice and Veggies

When I tell people I don’t eat meat, I don’t eat fish and now I don’t eat eggs and dairy….then I get that look, the look of ‘what an earth do you eat girl?’. Yes I know for some it’s … Read More

Tortilla Roll Ups

These Tortilla Roll Ups are very delicious, moorish and definitely the ‘once you pop you just can’t stop’ foods’! Many years ago a lovely lady who I worked with (Theresa) made these one year for Christmas pot luck, and since … Read More

Vegetable Paneer Rolls

Vegetable Paneer rolls are great easy fusion dish combining the lovely taste of Indian spices with paneer wrapped in puff pastry. These vegetable paneer rolls are great lunch or light dinner option specially when served with a fresh salad. The … Read More

Sunflower Seed Wholemeal Bread & Carrot Pepper Tomato Soup

There is nothing like warm hearty soup with fresh made warm bread, specially on a Sunday afternoon. This is definitely a family bonding session, you get the husband to help the kids make the bread, you get busy with the … Read More

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