Vegan Banana Fruit Mini Muffins

Perfect quick easy bite size vegan Banana Fruit Mini Muffins… Read More

Vegan Veggie Falafel Balls

Perfect bitesize healthy mishmash of Middle-Eastern and Indian inspiration for these delicious vegan veggie balls.… Read More

Bombay New Potato

Bombay new potatoes is a great Indian dish made with lightly spiced new potatoes… Read More

New Potato Garlic Herb Hassle backs

New Potato Garlic Herb Hassle backs are just the perfect cute little size and so much better than regular boiled potatoes or chips!… Read More

Vegan Cereal Bars

Vegan cereal bars are great for lunch box treats, breakfast on the run and even a quick late night munch, they have the perfect crunch and just the right amount of sweetness without being overly sweet. When looking at shop … Read More

Vegan Meringue

I’m loving vegan meringues, light, crisp and sweet – with the melt in your mouth sensation, they are just heaven. When I can make things like this I never feel like I’m missing out with following my vegan lifestyle. Aquafaba … Read More

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