Carrot Cake Cookies

Now everyone loves a piece of carrot cake, but how about a carrot cake but in a cookie?! Well here it is, a cookie inspired with carrot cake flavours, with carrots, raisins, cinnamon and ginger. Now I guess I could … Read More

SnickerDoodle Cookies

A snickerdoodle cookie is a very american cookie made with butter, sugar, cream of tartar and flour and rolled in cinnamon sugar. They tend to have a cracked surface and soft melt in your mouth type cookie. Although now they … Read More

Filled Sugar Cookies

Filled cookies with nerds and mini chocolate chips are great treats for kids and grown ups. You can fill the cookies with pretty anything, such as raisins, nuts, small sweets and chocolate. When you bite into these cookies, you are … Read More

SnickerDoodle Spider Cookies

This very American Style cookie called a SnickerDoodle is actually delicious, specially if you like the hint of cinnamon on a thick crumbly chewy soft cookies. A snicker doodle is a cookie made with butter, sugar, flour cinnamon, cream of … Read More

Halloween Teeth Cookies

More fun post Halloween blog post on making some rather delicious but interesting bakes. Halloween teeth in the form of a cookie with marshmallows and red frosting. I decided to go for a chocolate chip cookie base, which worked really … Read More

Cut out Sugar Cookies – Hello Kitty

For an added treat for a recent gorgeous little girls birthday party I decided to make some Hello Kitty Sugar Cookies, which I think she loved, specially since you had a few during the party. In hind sight I should … Read More

Cranberry White Chocolate Oat Cookies

Warm, soft, chewy cookies are so irresistible and moorish! Why can’t I just have one – instead of 3! I should just grab this heavenly cookies and rub them into my thighs…as that is where they will end up! lol. … Read More

Muesli M&M Cookies (Eggless)

So, as you’ve guessed if you been reading my posts, I’ve been busy testing no egg recipes for baking. These cookies still had the chewy texture which I thought was great, as my head was thinking that it’s the egg … Read More

Oat Raisin Cookies

Ingredient 270g margarine 160g Caster sugar 160g Dark brown sugar 2 eggs 1 Tsp vanilla 350g Plain flour 150g Oats 1 Tsp Baking soda 1/2 Tsp Cinnamon 1 Tsp Salt 220g Raisins Add the margarine and sugar to a mixing … Read More

Billingtons Chocolate Chip Cookies

From my visit to the Cake and Bake Show ( Click to link to see my review and day), I had some of the Billingtons cookies which were amazing. As the recipe was on the box of the sugar I … Read More

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