Pineapple Jam

So – its it jamming season?!Well here is my 2nd Jam – pineapple,ohh so simple and yummy.


600g Fresh Pinapple chopped into chunks ( medium size pinapple)
500g Sugar
2 tbsp Pectin
Small nob of butter
Sterilised Jars ( place them in boiling water for 15 Min’s)

Put a plate in the freezer ( you will need this later)
Place the pinapple chuncks into a sauce pan, depending if you want chunky jam or smooth jam, mash accordingly. Then add everything else, start heating until a rolling boil where when you stir it, it doesn’t go away, then let boil for 5 minutes.

Once 5 Min’s are up, need to do a test, place a tea spoon of the jam mixture on the plate from the freezer, wait about 10 seconds and see if it sets, if sets then done.

Grab a funnel, and spoon into the hot sterilised jars. With a new kitchen towel, wipe the rim of the jar, then tightly screw on the lid. Place back into the boiling water for 15mins to seal the jars.

Remove Jars from water, and let to cool then store in dry place.

Now enjoy some yummy sweet goodness!

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