Minion Birthday Party Cake

My daughter requested a minion cake for her 8th birthday party.

Minion Party Cake

Minions are little characters from a Movie called Despicable Me.Minion Party Cake

As I was making a birthday cake, i thought it would be nice to make mini minions on a cake having a birthday party too.Minion Party Cake

This has been on of the most enjoyable cakes I’ve made and decorated as I didn’t try to follow any ideas or pictures. I created with just my imagination and ideas from my daughter!Minion Party Cake

Red velvet cake is normally made with cream cheese frosting, however as I was putting in a fondant cake not being kept in the fridge, I opted for normal butter cream frosting.Minion Party Cake

This is probably the last big fondant cake I will be making this year, as birthday season in my household is coming close to an end.Minion Party Cake Ingredients
120g butter
300g caster sugar
2 egg
40g cocoa powder
20ml red food colouring
1 tsp vanilla
240ml buttermilk
300g plain flour
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
3 tsp white vinegar
Vanilla Butter Cream Frosting

Minion Party Cake

To a mixing bowl add margarine and sugar. Cream together on medium speed.Minion Party Cake

Add eggs, buttermilk, flour, vanilla and baking soda then mix well – about a 1 minute on medium to high-speed

Minion Party Cake

Add cocoa and red food colouring to the batter and mix again for another 1 minute.

Minion Party Cake

The batter will be red light and airy.

Minion Party Cake

Pour batter into 3 greased cake tins and bake in the oven for 30-35 minutes until baked. The cake will come sightly away for the sides and check with a cake tester. Minion Party Cake

Allow the cakes to cool, if needed trim the tops of the cake to level out.Minion Party Cake

Add a layer of vanilla butter cream frosting then sandwich another cake on topMinion Party Cake

Add another layer of butter cream and sandwich on the last cake upside down. This will give a nice flat surface when covering with fondant icing.Minion Party Cake

Dirty ice the cake – which basically means cover the outside of the cake with buttercream so that the fondant icing can stick to the cake.Minion Party Cake

Roll out light blue fondant and cover the cake Minion Party Cake

Sometimes it can be hard to cover the cake around the sides without creating overlays but practice will make a difference. Minion Party Cake

Using yellow fondant, make little egg side shapes for the minions Minion Party Cake

Using the fondant make the minion clothes and features and adding extra decoration to the cake like starts, a mini cake or whatever you would like to addMinion Party Cake

And viola!! A finished minion party cake probably big enough to feed about 20+ people!!

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