Red Velvet & Chocolate Brownies

A swirled chocolate and red velvet brownie is an awesome different twist to the regular brownie. As some of you know, I’m generally vegan (99% of the time) and have been for almost 9 months now so I had to … Read More

Valentines Red Velvet Pancakes

As Valentines Day is approaching fast, in case you forgot its February 14th! Why not treat that special someone with some yummy breakfast red velvet pancakes with some creamy cheese sweet icing. Red Velvert is usually a cake that is … Read More

Makeup ‘Kaushal Beauty’ Red Velvet Cake

As it was my cousin’s birthday who is a beautiful beauty blogger Kaushal Beauty , so I decided to make her a Make-up Bag Cake, with her favourite cake Red Velvet. For the last few years she keeps asking to … Read More

Minion Birthday Party Cake

My daughter requested a minion cake for her 8th birthday party. Minions are little characters from a Movie called Despicable Me. As I was making a birthday cake, i thought it would be nice to make mini minions on a … Read More

Red Velvet and White Chocolate Cookies

hmmmmm Red Velvet….Don’t you just love it?! The slightly weird chocolately taste and the deep colour! The Red Velvet Cake is probably my favourite cake. My little Cousin sister had been bugging for the last 3 years to make the … Read More