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Baking season has started! Yay!
My son turns 9, and so I decided a make him a cake of the toys he has been playing with most – NERF guns! I’m not a fan of guns ( any type of guns) however he has been bought some over the past few years and loves them! So what better?!
I used a basic vanilla sponge cake recipe and basic chocolate recipe for the cake. I will do a blog post on the basic recipe, but here it is.

Vanilla Cake Ingredients:
4 Eggs
8oz self-raising Flour
8oz margarine
8oz Caster Sugar
2 tsp Baking Powder
1 tsp Vanilla Extract

Chocolate Cake Ingredients:
4 Eggs
8oz Selfrising Flour
8oz Margerine
8oz Caster Sugar
2oz Cocoa Powder
2 tsp Baking Powder
1 tsp Vanilla Extract

Both recipes are the all in one recipe, put all the ingredients in and mix for 2 mins on medium high.

I have this cool multisize cake pan, which can go from 1″-12″ Square or rectangle, I used a  9inch x 8inch rectangle for the Nerf Cake.

IMG_1291However, with this cake pan, you have to line and grease, else it gets messy!

IMG_1293Bake in the oven at 170c for roughly 35-40mins or until it springs back or check with a cake tester, and then allow to cool.

IMG_1295Re-grease and line for the 2nd cake and baked at 170c for 35-40mins.

IMG_1296Once cooled, spread buttercream and jam and sandwich together.

IMG_1297 Dirty ice the cake (Dirty ice – to cover the cake roughly with the buttercream to ensure the fondant icing sticks).

IMG_1298I use Gel food colouring as works well, and it better the liquid for fondant icing.

IMG_1299Colour and rolled out yellow icing, and cover the cake  (probably the most stressful part of the cake making process!)

IMG_1300Try use all the colour that you need first. Yellow is the base and the NERF letters, then started on the red. I used yellow and added red colouring as it’s a light base already.

IMG_1301Colour some black icing for the dart back ground and NERF signage.

IMG_1302Start putting the decor together slowly, put in place before using edible glue to glue into place.

IMG_1304Colour some orange and roll into a sausage, and cut into equal size pieces for the darts.

IMG_1305Keep adding all the finally touches

IMG_1307And here you have a few hours later – the finished product! Baked and decorated before school pickup!


IMG_1309 Happy an amazing birthday my awesome little boy! xx



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