Kulcha – Indian Bread

After my recent visit to India, I’m love with Kulcha. It’s like a paratha but instead flakey layers, Kulcha has a flakey swirl instead.


Eaten warm, they have an amazing delicious flakey texture and goes perfectly with a good curry/shak or even with an indian cup of chai.Kulcha


300g chapati flour
1/2 Tsp Salt
1 tbsp oil
200ml warm water
Oil for spreading & frying
Flour to sprinkle


Add the flour & salt into a bowl and create a small well and pour in oil and mix with a dough hook.Kulcha

Slowly add warm water to the flour and make a dough, continue to knead for about 5 minutes.Kulcha

Place the dough on a floured surface. Kulcha

Start to roll out and sprinkle with flour when needed ensuing that the dough doesn’t stick to the surface.Kulcha

Rolling out evenly and thinly into a rectangle.


Brush the entire rolled out dough with oil.IMG_6343

Sprinkle flour evenly over the oilIMG_6345

Now tightly roll the dough.IMG_6346

Keep rolling until you have a long tight roll.IMG_6347

Cut the dough into pieces.IMG_6348

Grab each piece and lightly cover in flourIMG_6349

Squash the dough down with the palm of your handIMG_6350

Roll out evenlyIMG_6351

Heat an oiled pan over medium heat. IMG_6352

Place on a Kulcha on to the pan.IMG_6353

Brush with oilIMG_6354

After about 20 seconds flip over to cook the other side.IMG_6355

Brush on a little more oil if needed and flip again after 20 seconds.IMG_6356

Ensure both sides are brown and enjoy warm!


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