Vegan Veggie Falafel Balls

Perfect bitesize healthy mishmash of Middle-Eastern and Indian inspiration for these delicious vegan veggie balls.… Read More

Bombay New Potato

Bombay new potatoes is a great Indian dish made with lightly spiced new potatoes… Read More

Healthy Slow Cooker Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji in direct translation means Bread Curry. Pay Bhaji is an indian fast food made with a thick vegetable curry usually served with buttered toasted bread roll. Pay Bhaji originated in the 1850s as a fast lunchtime dish for … Read More

Healthy Eggless Potato Salad

For someone who really likes potato salad special flavoursome creamy ones, it seems like FOREVER since I last had some. At least over a couple of years, but even before going vegan. Sometimes you need a little comfort creamy potato salad … Read More

Vegan Gluten-Free Pancakes

I do love lazy Sundays specially when pancakes are on the menu for breakfast. Now that I’ve cut out all diary and eggs making pancakes is a little harder, however this recipe is uber tasty and delicious plus healthy for … Read More

Chili Pepper Sauce

Have you ever made something at home then realised how quick and easy it is? That’s the feeling I got when I had made fresh chili pepper sauce from scratch. It was very satisfying and knowing exactly what went into … Read More

Healthy Granola Bars (Vegan/No Add Sugar)

These are probably my most healthiest bars yet with no added sugar, dairy or gluten they pretty much cater for all, plus they are tasty and crunchy!  Pumpkin seeds which are great as a snack but also a perfect addition … Read More

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