Cadbury Eclairs Flapjack

Cadburys Eclairs Flapjack

When you have a large tub of Cadbury’s Eclairs, which are basically a hard toffee style chocolate, what do you do with it?

Cadburys Eclairs Flapjack

The oats make these treats healthier than normal cakes with are laden with butter, flour and sugar!

Cadburys Eclairs FlapjackFlapjacks are a brilliant way to use up harder chocolates or toffee, as the sweetness comes out well without being over powering. Cadburys Eclairs Flapjack

100g luxury muesli
230g oats
130g Cadbury’s eclairs
60g Cadbury fudge bar (2x)
150g butter
120g golden syrup
90g dark brown sugarCadburys Eclairs Flapjack

In a large bowl add muesli, oats, chopped Cadbury’s Eclairs and Fudge bars.Cadburys Eclairs Flapjack

Mix together.Cadburys Eclairs Flapjack

In a small pan add butter, golden syrup and brown sugar.

Cadburys Eclairs Flapjack

Melt over medium heat, until combined and melted. Stir into the dry mix.Cadburys Eclairs Flapjack

Pour the mix until a lined baking tray.

Cadburys Eclairs Flapjack

Press evenly into the baking tray, pressing into the corners.Cadburys Eclairs Flapjack

Bake in the oven at 170c for 25-30 minutes or until golden brown.Cadbury Eclairs Flapjack

Slice into smaller pieces and enjoy!

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