Princess Caste Tear and Share Cupcakes

Tear and share cupcake cakes are just a genius idea – so thank you who ever you are. I think these types of cakes work great for kids parties and even adult parties so no cake cutting it needed to … Read More

Healthy Kale Crisps/Chips

I’m known to be a snacker, specially a late night snacker. So these healthy very low-calorie crisps are the perfect little snack. I used salt and vinegar flavouring, however you could flavoured with anything that takes your fancy such as … Read More

Healthy Samosa Baskets

Samosas are usually known to be an unhealthy Indian appetiser deep fried and filled with vegetables and some times meat and laden with calories. Here is my version of the ‘Healthy Samosa’ even down to the crispy outer shell.  I … Read More

Heart Shaped Raspberry Rolls

A new valentines twist on Cinnamon rolls, with my delicious Raspberry Rolls, great to share with that special someone this Valentines Day.  Adding the orange juice and zest to these rolls just brings out the lovely sweetness of the raspberries. … Read More

Tortilla Roll Ups

These Tortilla Roll Ups are very delicious, moorish and definitely the ‘once you pop you just can’t stop’ foods’! Many years ago a lovely lady who I worked with (Theresa) made these one year for Christmas pot luck, and since … Read More

Cheese Fondue

Cheese Fondue is traditionally a Swiss dish of melted cheese served in a communal pot over heat eaten with long-stemmed forks dipping bread into the cheese. I had recently purchased a Cheese Fondue Raclette, and wanted to try out the … Read More

Potato, Onion, Cheese Filled Bread Balls

Yummy warm baked bread balls with onions, cheese and potatoes – how can you really say no to that?! These bread balls are a great warm summer lunch idea, as you could fill with anything that you like, curry, vegetables, … Read More

Paneer, Potato & Sweetcorn Curry Ball

A stuffed bread ball with indian spicy paneer and vegetable filling, all made fresh and with the home touch with no preservatives. These are great lunch or light dinner option, specially if you are planning to have a more indulgent … Read More

Ginger Cinnamon Butter Biscuit

Ginger Cinnamon Butter Biscuit or Cookie?! Well looking up the meaning – a Biscuit is a baked flour based food product. If you are european then it’s a biscuit but Americans call them cookies! Americans use the word Biscuit for … Read More

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