Chickpea Fudge ( Besan Burfi) Diwali Sweets

I love making Diwali sweets now, specially since my introduction to them last year. As a child I wasn’t the biggest fan, but nowadays I’ve changed and so have my taste buds. One of the reasons I didn’t like Indian … Read More

Kaju Ladoo – Cashew Fudge Balls

It’s coming up to that time of year, Diwali! I’m a bit late this year with my Diwali sweets making, but here is my own creation of a kaju kalti and burfi mixture! Kaju is simply Cashews in Gujurati and … Read More

Pumpkin Burfi ( Fudge) – Diwali Treats

It’s October and now with Pumpkins on the shops I thought I would get a little creative with pumpkin, and with Diwali around the corner why try some Pumpkin Burfi (Fudge) with some pumpkin spice! As I couldn’t decide to … Read More

Mango Burfi (Fudge)

It’s getting that time of year again, DIwali!! So my first sweet treat this year is Mango Burfi which is like a mango fudge. Made with fresh mango, sugar and milk powder you can alternatively use condense milk which you … Read More

Diwali Mini Biscuits

Here are some Diwali inspired short bread cookies With a hint of almond, pistachio and spice these little gems are a beauty! To be completely honest these were suppose to be cookie press Spitz cookies however I could not get … Read More

Kaju Katli

Another Diwali inspired post called Kaju Katli sometimes called Kaju Burfi. Kaju means cashews in the indian language. Interest Facts: The cashew nut is served as a snack or used in recipes, like other nuts, although it is actually a … Read More

Chocolate Penda (Peda)

As you know, I can’t make something traditional without adding my twist! So here it is – Chocolate Penda (peda) These little guys are slightly more fudgy when the traditional milk penda. Chocolate seems liked a good combination with the … Read More

Plain Milk Peda (Penda)

Us hindu Gujaratis call them penda – however they are often called peda. As a child, my brother used to love these little yellow flat balls, during Diwali my parents always used buy penda for the family and specially penda … Read More

Chocolate Kaju Nan Khatai

Wondering what Kaju Nan Khatai is? Well Kaju means Cashews – so yes Chocolate Cashew Biscuits! Something slightly different then the original traditional Nan Khatai! My lovely friend at work Jig got me into the Diwali spirit last week! She … Read More

Almond Coconut Nan Khatai

It’s that amazing time of year for us – yes you’ve guessed it – DIWALI TIME!!! This year I’ve decided to make some traditional Diwali Indian Sweets with a little twist! You know me, I can’t follow a recipe without … Read More