Apple Roses (Vegan)

Apple Roses are so easy simple and quick to make, I made these with my little girl who probably ate more apples through the process than I actually used, probably why I ended up having to slice another apple! They … Read More

Caramel Bars

A crunchy biscuit base with a layer of soft creamy caramel and indulgent chocolate is what I call a super duper naughty treat. A bite of one of these ended up being 2 pieces and far too many calories to … Read More

Vegan Stuffed Peppers with Buckwheat, Rice and Veggies

When I tell people I don’t eat meat, I don’t eat fish and now I don’t eat eggs and dairy….then I get that look, the look of ‘what an earth do you eat girl?’. Yes I know for some it’s … Read More

Tostada Pizza – CPK Inspired

Now I love California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) – and as we do not get this here in the UK, I decided to create my own Tostada Pizza. CPK is an american style chain restaurant specially around the west coast where … Read More

Sweet & Salty Pretzels

As it is coming up to Mothers Day, I thought I would try and make these delicious vegan-friendly pretzels. I was surprised on how easy they actually were. As pretzels have the heart shaped look, what a perfect food to make … Read More

Tortilla Roll Ups

These Tortilla Roll Ups are very delicious, moorish and definitely the ‘once you pop you just can’t stop’ foods’! Many years ago a lovely lady who I worked with (Theresa) made these one year for Christmas pot luck, and since … Read More

No Bake Pretz-nut Chocolate Bars

Sweet, salty, crunchy uber delicious no bake Pretz-nut chocolate bars are made with peanut butter, oats, mini salted pretzels and dates layered with dark chocolate. They are made without any refined sugar, butter, dairy and flour, so perfect for a … Read More

Chocolate Cup Cakes

Simple easy original chocolate cup cakes, are moist, light, chocolate and topped with creamy buttercream frosting. These are not over powering like a dense chocolate fudge cake, more like light airy chocolaty sweet cupcake.  My dad wanted some cupcakes to … Read More

Quick 15 Minute Pizza dough (No Yeast)

This Quick 15 minute pizza dough has no yeast, so it is a great pizza recipe freshly made for your family within 15 minutes from start to finish. Sometimes my kids often ask for pizza about 5pm, that’s when you … Read More

Filled Sugar Cookies

Filled cookies with nerds and mini chocolate chips are great treats for kids and grown ups. You can fill the cookies with pretty anything, such as raisins, nuts, small sweets and chocolate. When you bite into these cookies, you are … Read More

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