Chili Pepper Sauce

Have you ever made something at home then realised how quick and easy it is? That’s the feeling I got when I had made fresh chili pepper sauce from scratch. It was very satisfying and knowing exactly what went into … Read More

Red Thai Curry Paste

There is nothing more satisfying than making your own Thai curry made with Thai paste made from scratch. Then once you realise how easy this process is – I can’t imagine you will go back to the jar version specially … Read More

Vegetable Fried Rice

Quick dinner in under 20 minutes! Ingredients: 60g Uncooked Rice 1 tbsp oil 1 Garlic Glove Chopped fresh ginger 1/2 Small Red onion 1/3 Aubergine diced 1/2 Red Pepper diced 1/3 courgette diced 2 eggs Splash of soy sauce Piri … Read More

Seitan “Meat Wheat”

What is seitan? Seitan is wheat gluten, spiced and simmered.Gluten is the protein found in wheat which, when mixed with water, forms into long stretchy strings that give bread its structure. When you develop those strands, rinse off the starch, … Read More