Cranberry Chutney

I love the festive season as you can buy fresh cranberries at your local supermarket, and making homemade cranberry chutney is such a great feeling, as it means that Christmas is approaching. Lightly spiced cranberry chutney always gives me the … Read More

Christmas Vegetarian Mincemeat

Homemade Christmas mincemeat is the perfect ingredient for all your Christmas baking and makes a lovely Christmas gifts – I have a post coming soon called ‘Christmas in a Jar’ – which are my kids teachers Christmas presents this year. … Read More

Simple Christmas Cake

As we are approaching Christmas soon, I thought it was about time I made my Christmas cake, as the Hubster and In-law like the alcoholic Christmas cake, which means I’ve got a few weeks of feeding this sober cake and … Read More

Quick Christmas Pudding

Ingredients 125g Dried Apricots 100g Dried Prunes 400g Mixed Dried Fruits 3 Tbsp Cherry Brandy zest and juice of 2 oranges 2 Tsp mixed spice 50g Mixed chopped nuts 200g dark brown muscovado sugar 100g Shredded vegetarian suet or frozen … Read More

Gingerbread House

In our house now, making a gingerbread house is a tradition at Christmas time. The kids have loved making and eating gingerbread houses since my son was 4 years old. As we have making these from scratch without using a … Read More

Cranberry Apple Chutney

When you start seeing bags of fresh cranberries for £1 you know it’s getting closer to Christmas and time to make some chutney! I love Christmas season, as you have yummy foods like cranberry chutney with cheese and biscuits or … Read More

Snowman Christmas Cake

I love Christmas time, I had made the actual Cherry Brandy Christmas Cake at the end of November and have fed it Brandy and Cherry Brandy weekly. It’s going to be a boozy cake! This year I decided to make … Read More

Christmas Reindeer Food!

Great kids little Christmas extra, some Reindeer food. You make these with or without the kids, and even little presents for young children! Sprinkle some of this food on Christmas Eve outdoors around the house and helps make sure Santa … Read More

Rudolph Hot Chocolate Gifts

Want to give a cute little present to someone that may have everything?! Don’t want to give the person a small smellies collections or chocolate? Why not get a little creative and try these Reindeer Hot Chocolate cones which are … Read More

Cherry Brandy Christmas Cake

5oz Sultanas 5oz Mixed Dried Fruit 3oz Apricots 2oz glacé cherries 1oz cranberries 1oz candied peel 2Tbsp Cherry Brandy 4oz Flour 1/4 Nutmeg 1/4 Ground Spice 4oz Margarine 4oz Dark Brown Sugar 2 Eggs 1oz Almonds 1/2 Tbsp Black Treacle … Read More

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