Date & Nut Ladoo – Diwali Sweets

There is definitely something said about a healthy Indian sweet – I think this one may be one of the only few! As Indian sweets are usually laden with sugar and ghee ( purified butter). These little gems are also … Read More

Pistachio Rose Peda ( Milk Fudge) Diwali Sweets

A twist to the traditional milk peda with my creation of pistachio and rose. As you can tell, I do like playing with Indian flavours. Last year I played with Indian Chocolate flavours this year I’ve decided to go a … Read More

Coloured Coconut SnowBalls – Diwali Recipe

Coloured coconut balls are great for any occasion, I’ve made them for Diwali this year and keeping these coconut coloured ladoo simple with no cardamom or saffron – very children friendly. These are great to make with children, as they … Read More

Rava Ladoo (Semolina Fudge) – Diwali Sweets

Rava is basically Semolina in gujurati/indian, and I’ve made a sweet fruity nut ball using all vegan friendly ingredients. I’ve even now sourced some vegan ghee called ‘Better Ghee’. I can’t find a website link, however I did post a … Read More

Coconut Ladoo Balls – Diwali Sweets

I remember from my childhood that my brother used to make something very similar using coconut and condensed milk, I’m sure he used to call them coconut balls! These are very similar to what you find inside a Bounty Bar, … Read More

Chickpea Fudge ( Besan Burfi) Diwali Sweets

I love making Diwali sweets now, specially since my introduction to them last year. As a child I wasn’t the biggest fan, but nowadays I’ve changed and so have my taste buds. One of the reasons I didn’t like Indian … Read More

Kaju Ladoo – Cashew Fudge Balls

It’s coming up to that time of year, Diwali! I’m a bit late this year with my Diwali sweets making, but here is my own creation of a kaju kalti and burfi mixture! Kaju is simply Cashews in Gujurati and … Read More

Mohanthal (Gram Flour Fudge)

Gujarati mohanthal is a sweetened gram flour fudge flavoured with saffron and nuts. This is a tricky recipe to master – and as this was my first try I slightly undercooked the gram flour mix but slight tasted good! This … Read More

Milk Burfi Chocolate Balls

I decided to try something different with traditional milk penda recipe – and add a liitle chocolate! Chocolate is like a girls and kids best friend! Well in most cases! lol Actually this was such a great combination – the … Read More

Kaju Ladoo ( Cashew Fudge Balls)

I’ve got a Diwali Sweet making addiction now – so here is my last nights creation! Cashew Ladoo with cashew inside, coated with chocolate and chopped nuts. I’m not sure how I come up with these ideas, but this was … Read More

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