Mug Monday – White Chocolate & Cherry Mug Cookie

White chocolate and cherries – well this is a combination that is my husbands favourite. He love this mug cookie, actually his first mug cookie! I think he pretty much licked the mug clean 🙂


Did you know that white chocolate is not really chocolate in the strict sense, as is does not contain any cocoa solids and only has trace amounts of theobromine and caffeine ( main elements in dark and milk chocolate).


Lets not get misguided with the cherries, I’m not sure if this would really count as part of the 5 day, as glace cherries are soaked in sugar syrup and have lost a lot of the nutritional goodness in the candied process.


1 Egg
2 Tbsp Melted Butter
4 Tbsp Plain Flour
1 Tbsp Sugar Dark Brown
1/4 Tsp Baking Soda
25g Glace Cherries
20g White Chocolate


Melt the butter in the mug, then add an egg and brown sugar then mix well.


Add in flour and baking soda and mix well.


Add in chopped white chocolate and chopped glace cherries.


Stir all the ingredients well and heat in the microwave at full power for 1 minute and 45 seconds.


The cookie mug is ready to enjoy.


Grab a spoon and dig in while it’s still warm.

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