Baileys Brownies

Now it seems like Baileys is one of my favourites as after the Baileys Cup cakes, Orange Baileys Cup Cakes, Baileys Truffles and even the Bailey Cheese cake are all some of my faves! Actually the truth is I do like Baileys, but the reason I used it in baking is because it’s actually very easy to use, not too strong and the creamyness helps in the baking process.


The question now begs, is it ok to give these Brownies to kids? As technically the alcohol would have burned off in the oven when it was cooked? Any science geeks out there who might know please comment below and let me know. Now I did let me kids have a rather small piece using the assumption the alcohol flavour is the only thing left, no alcohol in the bake as its been in the oven for 35 minutes.IMG_5483

500g Caster Sugar
5 Eggs
100g Chocolate
100g Cocoa
130g Plain Flour
200ml Baileys
250g Butter


In a mixing bowl add the eggs and sugar and beat until pale and creamy.IMG_5452

Add in the melted butter, flour, Baileys and cocoa and beat until mixed. Do not over beat.


Roughly chop up the chocolate and stir until the brownie batterIMG_5456

Pour the batter into a large lined baking tray/tin with high sides.IMG_5473

Bake at 170c for approximately 35 minutes, until the top of the brownie creates a crust but slight has a slight wobble to give it a moist dense texture.IMG_5480

Cut into slices and serve!

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