Baileys Chocolate Cheesecake

I was attending a little gathering and decided to make another dessert – considering last time I made Sherry Cupcakes so had to meet some expectations!
IMG_4705So going with the adult alcohol theme I decided to make a Baileys Chocolate Cheese Cake. The Baileys and chocolate combination was absolutely amazing and although you could taste the Baileys it wasn’t over powering.

Now I prefer a crunchy hard base, and this was a more of a new york style soft base and my husband loved it, and I think my friends enjoyed it too ( specially since they did all finish their piece!).


300g Chocolate digestives
150g Butter
2 Tbsp Cocoa
900g Cream Cheese
200g Caster Sugar
1 Tsp Vanilla
4 Eggs
175g Dark Chocolate
200ml Baileys
50g White Chocolate
50g Dark Chocolate
2 Tbsp Baileys


Place the digestives in a food processor and blitz until crumbs


Stir in the cocoa into the biscuit crumbs


Add butter


Stir well until all combinedIMG_4609

Press into with a 23 cm cake tin or I used a 7inch and 2 3inch tins and place in the fridge while making the remaining mixture.


Add cream cheese, sugar and vanilla into a bowl and beat together until combined.


Slowly add in the eggs one at a time until all 4 have been addedIMG_4614

Mix in the 200 mls of baileys into the cheese mixture


Pour about half of the mixture into the biscuit bases.IMG_4615

Melt the 175g of dark chocolate


Stir a small amount of the cream mixture into the chocolate.IMG_4621

Then pour into the remaining cheese mixture and whisk for a minute or so.IMG_4622

Then pour into the tinsIMG_4623

Using the end of a knife, swirl the mixtures together briefly creating a marble effect.


Place tins in a baking tray and fill with water, place in the oven and bake at 150c for about 50-60 minutes


They will still have a slight wobble in the middle. IMG_4633

Allow to cool completely and then cover with cling film and place in the fridge for at least 2 hours.


Reserving a small chunk, melt the white chocolate over boiling water and add 1 tbsp of baileys and stir well until completely melted.


Drizzle the baileys white chocolate over the cooled cheesecake


Again melt the dark chocolate reserving a chunk and mix in 1 tbsp of baileys into the chocolate.


Pipe the choclate over the cheesecake.


Using a micro grater grate the white and dark chocolate chunks over cheesecake and place back in the fridge until ready to serve.





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