Homemade Mini Quiche

My daughter has been asking for homemade Quiche for a while now, so here we are a homemade mini Quiche recipe. Now I’m not sure how Quiche are normally made – but here is my version.

150g Strong Flour
50g Butter

Homemade mini quiche

Combine the butter and flour together with your hands ensuring all mixed resulting in a bread crumbs style texture.

Homemade mini quicheAdd enough water to make a dough, start with a small amount adding a little until it forms a proper dough.

Homemade mini quicheSplit into 2 and  lightly roll our and press down into 4inch oven cake tins or plan.

Homemade mini quicheBake in the oven at 200c for 5 minutes just to bake slightly.

3 Eggs
100ml Milk
100g Cheese
Mixed herbs

Homemade mini quicheCombine egg and milk together and mix

Homemade mini quicheAdd cheese, herbs and pepper and mix together

Homemade mini quicheAdd olives and spinach and mix together.

Homemade mini quicheBoth kids wanted slight different fillings – one wanted tomatoes Homemade mini quicheand the other wanted onions

Homemade mini quichePour in the egg mixture into the tins

Homemade mini quicheBake in the oven for about 20mins.

Homemade mini quicheRemove the Quiche from the tins and place back on the oven tray and re-bake for a further 5mins.

Homemade mini quiche

I served from with boiled new potatoesHomemade mini quiche

They we enjoyed by both kids and were the perfect little size.

Homemade mini quicheI think all in all it was a success!


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