Pony Stable Cake

6 Eggs
12oz Butter
12oz Self raising flour
12oz Caster sugar
3 tsp baking powder
2 tsp vanilla
Red food colouring

Add all the top ingredients except red food colouring and mix for 2 mins, then add a few drops of red and turn the batter pink.

IMG_1418Pour into a square cake mold/tin and bake in the oven for 30-35mins at 180c.

IMG_1419Ensure the cake is cooked all the way by using a cake tester or tooth pick and allow to cool once baked.

IMG_1422Slice the cake thru the middle to sandwich, then cut in half. Stack the cakes up and trim the top to create an angle.

150g Butter
2 tsp Vanilla
2 tbsp milk
750g Icing sugar
Red food colouring

Mix the above items in a mixer until the frosting keeps the peaks. Spread the frosting and strawberry jam in each layer. Then cover the whole cake in the frosting.


Roll out white fondant icing and cut out sections for each of the 4 sides, leaving the top.

IMG_1424Using a knife, add a wood effect to the sides to make it look like wood grain. Cut out 3 windows from the front. Roll out thinly some black icing and place squares in the holes.

IMG_1425Colour some icing, and using a flower cutter cut out lots of flowers and cover the top of the cake. Layering and overlapping the flowers.IMG_1426Cover the entire top with flowers.

IMG_1431Colouring the icing start to mold pony heads and using silver balls for eyes.


Make 3 pony heads and using tooth picks place them into the cake.

IMG_1432Using a smaller flower cutter, make flowers and add some silver balls. Cut out some butterflies and add a few randomly around the cake.IMG_1434Personalise the cake with a name on the back of the stable.

IMG_1435Hopefully you will have a happy a little girl!


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