Filled Sugar Cookies

Filled cookies with nerds and mini chocolate chips are great treats for kids and grown ups. You can fill the cookies with pretty anything, such as raisins, nuts, small sweets and chocolate. When you bite into these cookies, you are … Read More

Halloween Teeth Cookies

More fun post Halloween blog post on making some rather delicious but interesting bakes. Halloween teeth in the form of a cookie with marshmallows and red frosting. I decided to go for a chocolate chip cookie base, which worked really … Read More

Halloween Ghost Cupcakes

I love baking, and when there is a reason like Halloween it makes it so much better. I decided to make some mini cupcakes that look like ghosts. Quick and easy, basic cupcake with frosting and little dark eyes! Little … Read More

Halloween Cupcakes

My little muppets are off to a Halloween camp this year with Beavers and Cubs on Halloween. Usually the scouts ask for biscuits or cakes and so in my usual manner I decided to bake some treats. Chocolate cup cakes … Read More