Snowman Christmas Cake

I love Christmas time, I had made the actual Cherry Brandy Christmas Cake at the end of November and have fed it Brandy and Cherry Brandy weekly. It’s going to be a boozy cake!

This year I decided to make a Snowman inspired Christmas cake.IMG_5085

This was actually pretty quick cake to decorate, only took about 1/2 an hour.


I would usually only decorate the cake maybe a week or so before Christmas to make the cake is still moist from the Brandy and not too wet so the icing sticks well.IMG_5080

I was rather impressed on how well it turned out, it was easier than it looks.IMG_5079

With cute snowman, I did think about grating a little fondant over the top to make it look like snow, but I just ran out of icing.


Christmas Cherry Brand Cake Recipe
Apricot Jam
Marzipan (optional)
500g Fondant Icing
Gel Colours


Place the Christmas Cherry Brand Cake on to a cake plate/board/case


Heat up a little apricot jam and cover the cake with a light layer to ensure the marzipan/fondant sticks. My husband is not a fan of marzipan to I didn’t put any on. If you are using marzipan cover with a layer of marzipan and allow to dry for a day or so before adding fondant.


Knead some white fondant and then roll out biggest enough to cover the cake.


Cover the cake slowly layer over the cake and pressing down to the sides of the cake


To make a snowman roll out a bigger ball for the body, slightly smaller ball for the head and 2 arms.


Using edible glue, stick on the head and arms to the body


Add some brown eyes and buttons, an orange carrot nose and make a small black hat. Stick on with edible glue and stick on the cake.


Using brown icing make a small log shed mold into a rectangle and using a knife make indents to simulate wood effect.


Add some trees by colouring some icing green, shape into a cone shape and snip to make tree effect. Add a red scarf to the snowman.


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