Quick Microwave Cake

This quick soft and yummy cake is a great choice for busy mums – with only taking about 10 minutes to make from cracking the egg to serving on a plate – it’s a winner for those busy nights.


You could flavour in different ways such adding a few tablespoons of cocoa for a chocolate cake or couple of drops of lemon flavouring for a lemon cake.


The cake is soft, moist and airy and the added chocolate chips made the kids smile!IMG_4226

100ml Oil
175g Caster Sugar
140g Self-raising Flour
2 Eggs
1 Tsp vanilla Essence
50g Chopped Milk ChocolateIMG_4211

In a bowl add the oil, eggs and vanilla


Beat together with a whisk until pale and creamy


Add the self-raising flour and sugarIMG_4216

Whisk until all the mixture is combined well with no lumps.IMG_4217

Add the chopped chocolate into the batter and stir in.IMG_4219

In a greased and floured microwave proof baking dish add the batter


Put into the microwave and on high power cook for 8 minutes. ( My microwave is a 1000w – so you may need to increase the cooking time by a minute or two if you watts are lower)IMG_4226

Enjoy the quick easy cake with warm or cold. They make great lunch box treats too.

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