Mug Monday – Eggless Choc Chip Mug Cookie

Mug Monday again today, I do love playing with different ingredients and trying to make combinations work well together. It is almost like playing scientist in the kitchen! This time I’ve decided to play with another eggless mug cookie recipe. … Read More

Mug Monday – Eggless Nutella Mug Cake 

Nutella, warm melted chocolate in a rich warm chocolate cake….Heaven!! That all I can say. This delicious mug cake is contains no egg or butter! I have now become very fond of making these mug cakes using different ingredients that … Read More

Mug Monday – Chocolate Mint Areo Mug Cake

Its Mug Monday again – quick easy mug cake recipe made in minutes from start to finish! This is a lovely slighty minty chocolate delight, perfect personal size or great for two little people sharing! Ingredients Egg Yolk 1 Tbsp … Read More

Quick Microwave Cake

This quick soft and yummy cake is a great choice for busy mums – with only taking about 10 minutes to make from cracking the egg to serving on a plate – it’s a winner for those busy nights. You … Read More

Chocolate Microwave Pudding/Cake

Ingredients: 55g Margarine 60ml Milk 1 Egg 110g Caster sugar 110g Self raising flour 30g Cocoa 60ml Double cream 30ml Milk 100g Chocolate Into a glass microwave safe bowl add melted margarine, milk and egg. Whisk together until egg is … Read More