Cranberry Flapjacks

Another new creation and incredible easy recipe. I think you can even adapt this by adding some walnuts or pecans however as they may go into my kids lunch box I decided to keep them nut free.



With the American traditions of Thanks giving, cranberries are often a festive addition ( however usually in sauce form) but I thought I would make a flapjack inspired by Thanks Giving! 🙂



Cranberries do have some great health benefits such as helping with urinary tract issues or infections, they have calcium C, fiber and manganese. Some even say the have a great cancer fighting traits specially when eaten raw. IMG_4569

115g Butter
115g Brown demera sugar
150g Oats
75g Dried Cranberries
30g White Chocolate

In bowl measure out the oats and cranberries


In a small pan add the butter and sugarIMG_4561

Melt the butter until bubblingIMG_4562

Pour the melted sweet butter mixture into the oats and cranberries


Mix wellIMG_4564

Press into a baking tin with the back of the spoon as the mixture maybe hot.IMG_4565

Chop the white chocolate roughly and sprinkle over the flapjackIMG_4568

Bake at 170c for 20 minutes until slight brown on top


Allow to cool for 5 minutes and slice into smaller pieces, I usually get 16 good size pieces.



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