Vegetable Paneer Rolls

Vegetable Paneer rolls are great easy fusion dish combining the lovely taste of Indian spices with paneer wrapped in puff pastry. These vegetable paneer rolls are great lunch or light dinner option specially when served with a fresh salad. The … Read More

Paneer, Potato & Sweetcorn Curry Ball

A stuffed bread ball with indian spicy paneer and vegetable filling, all made fresh and with the home touch with no preservatives. These are great lunch or light dinner option, specially if you are planning to have a more indulgent … Read More

Paneer, Potato & Sweetcorn Masala Curry

A delicious smelling masala curry is very satisfying on a cold winter evening. Served with either rotli, rice or even naan, this curry is tasty with infused spices. Did you know that masala means “mixed spice” – which is pretty … Read More

Paneer Pockets

  Another new creation – now I had many ideas and ask the kids what they prefered – here were the choices! Paneer in pastry like a pie, Paneer in a pocket like a calzone or Paneer in yorkshire puddings….. … Read More

Easy Low Fat Paneer

Paneer is a great source of protein, and tasted good in almost anything. Seems to be my go to specially with Indian dishes. My kids love it and we put it in curries, pasta, pizza, kebabs, samosas, spring rolls, stir … Read More