Tortilla Roll Ups

These Tortilla Roll Ups are very delicious, moorish and definitely the ‘once you pop you just can’t stop’ foods’! Many years ago a lovely lady who I worked with (Theresa) made these one year for Christmas pot luck, and since … Read More

Cheese Fondue

Cheese Fondue is traditionally a Swiss dish of melted cheese served in a communal pot over heat eaten with long-stemmed forks dipping bread into the cheese. I had recently purchased a Cheese Fondue Raclette, and wanted to try out the … Read More

Potato, Onion, Cheese Filled Bread Balls

Yummy warm baked bread balls with onions, cheese and potatoes – how can you really say no to that?! These bread balls are a great warm summer lunch idea, as you could fill with anything that you like, curry, vegetables, … Read More

Filo Nutella Basket

Flakey, light, crispy, chocolate, hazelnut and creamy frosting – what more could you want!? My kids absolutely adored them, specially since they had a creamy indulgent layer of Nutella. These will definitely been present in the future – I think … Read More

Cheesecake Bites

These little creamy treasures are great for a party or evening in with some guests. These cheesecake bites are the perfect bite size portion. The lovely creamy texture makes them rather indulgent. I left these little cakes rather plain, but … Read More

Roasted Pepper, Onion, Cheese Filo Baskets

A quick easy party food creation. Filo is such a lovely pastry to work with, the added bonus is that it’s probably the healthiest pastry. I do buy the filo pastry, as not sure if could roll the pastry out … Read More