Chili Pepper Sauce

Have you ever made something at home then realised how quick and easy it is? That’s the feeling I got when I had made fresh chili pepper sauce from scratch. It was very satisfying and knowing exactly what went into … Read More

Pineapple & Plum Fruit Butter

Fruit Butter has no butter, it is a sweet spread made of fruit and sugar cooked to a paste, similar to jam, preserve and jelly. Fruit butters usually come in wide-mouthed jars. I decided to use fresh pineapple and plum … Read More

Pizza Dough

Homemade yummy pizza dough Ingredients: 6oz Strong Plain Flour 1 packet fast acting yeast (7g) 1/2 tsp salt 1 tspn Olive oil 125ml Hot hand water Add the flour, yeast, salt and oil into a mixer and gently mix on … Read More

Weetabix Muffins

As my kids loved the first batch of Weetabix muffins, and as requested by them I decided to make more, but with a little twist. Using the same recipe as Weetabix Chocolate Chip Muffins recipe mixing all the indregients together … Read More

Homemade Naan Bread

I dont have a tandoor which is normally what you cook naan bread in – but instead I did it the modern way! Ingredients 500g Strong White Flour 7g Fast active yeast 1 tsp salt 75ml Yogurt 15g melted butter … Read More