Red Velvet & Chocolate Brownies

A swirled chocolate and red velvet brownie is an awesome different twist to the regular brownie. As some of you know, I’m generally vegan (99% of the time) and have been for almost 9 months now so I had to … Read More


Ingredients: 200g Dark chocolate 175g Butter 350g Caster Sugar 130g Plain Flour 3 Eggs In a microwave proof bowl break up the chocolate and add butte. Heating 30 seconds at a time, melt the chocolate butter mixture. Add the sugar … Read More

Banana White & Dark Chocolate Brownie

ingredients: 100g Whites Chocolate 100g Dark Chocolate 100g Butter 275g Caster sugar 225g Plain flour 1/4 Baking Powder 2 tsp vanilla extract 250g Bananas Chop the Chocolate into chunks with the butter into a micro wave safe bowl ( I … Read More