Vegan Coconut Cake (OAP)

When its your dad’s 65th birthday you have to cake him a birthday cake full of love and laughter! I call my dad ‘papa’ as I’ve done since I can remember it’s an indian thing. Now I know my dad … Read More

Makeup ‘Kaushal Beauty’ Red Velvet Cake

As it was my cousin’s birthday who is a beautiful beauty blogger Kaushal Beauty , so I decided to make her a Make-up Bag Cake, with her favourite cake Red Velvet. For the last few years she keeps asking to … Read More

Anna Frozen Cake

A work friend asked me if I would make her daughters Anna cake, at first I said no, then ended up giving in, even the my inner thoughts were saying “Don’t do it”! As you may know I do get … Read More

Pug Dog Cake

When your son asks you for a pug cake, you feel this little shiver of fear! A Pug cake? How do I even make a cake that looks like a dog?! Google is great when looking for cake ideas, well … Read More

Minecraft Cake

My son asked for a Minecraft cake this year for his 10th birthday, now I know it’s not my best cake, but I actually thought this would be a rather easy cake – but that was far from the truth! … Read More

Walnut Gluten Free ‘Giant Mug’ Cake

So as you may or may not know – I usually don’t make cakes on order – but a friend of mine asked me so nicely and that she couldn’t find a gluten-free cake she asked if I could make … Read More