Sunflower Seed Wholemeal Bread & Carrot Pepper Tomato Soup

There is nothing like warm hearty soup with fresh made warm bread, specially on a Sunday afternoon. This is definitely a family bonding session, you get the husband to help the kids make the bread, you get busy with the … Read More

Thepla – Indian Spiced Bread

Thepla are a form of spiced indian bread like Chapati/Rotli but with fenugreek and spices. Thepla are a staple in the Gujarati life, my mum used to make these regularly as part of our meals when growing up. You can … Read More


Ingredients: 200g Self Raising Flour 2Tbsp Olive Oil 200ml Warm Water 1/2 Tsp Salt In a mixer bowl add the flour and oil, using a dough hook mix this together and slowly add the water Knead for 5 minutes. Divide … Read More

Homemade Naan Bread

I dont have a tandoor which is normally what you cook naan bread in – but instead I did it the modern way! Ingredients 500g Strong White Flour 7g Fast active yeast 1 tsp salt 75ml Yogurt 15g melted butter … Read More