Kaju Ladoo – Cashew Fudge Balls

It’s coming up to that time of year, Diwali! I’m a bit late this year with my Diwali sweets making, but here is my own creation of a kaju kalti and burfi mixture! Kaju is simply Cashews in Gujurati and basically I’ve used a milk base fudge instead of the traditional sugar syrup base.

Now I’m not a massive fan of Indian sweets, I don’t them but you can only have one as they are super sweet. So I’ve tried to make sure that mine aren’t as sweet limiting the amount of sugar I actually put in.


Kaju sweets are usually a harder more of a diamond shape sweet, so going against the grain, I decided to make them a little softer ( so no teeth breakage) and small round bite size balls. Please note if you think this is a lot of sugar, then you see how much caterers put into their sweets!


My husband and son love cashews, and this is probably one of their favourite Indian sweets. With the hint of rose water this yummy sweet ball turns into mouth full every time you step in the kitchen as they are small, feels like nothing.

1 Tbsp Ghee
200g Cashews
1 Tbsp Rose Water
5 Tbsp Milk
4 Tbsp Condense Milk
100g Sugar



Place the raw cashews into a blender or grinding mill.


Blitz until the cashews are ground cashews. Be careful as a high speed blender left on too long can make it into cashew butter!


Add all the ingredients to a heavy bottom pan and place over medium heat.


Stirring every 2 minutes allowing the mixture to cook and bubble.


Once the mixture becomes a semi solid texture remove from the heat.


Place onto a greased surface, please becareful as the mixture is piping hot. Allow to cool for at least 15-20 minutes.


Take a little into your hand, and roll into a ball.

IMG_9979Enjoy !!




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