Simple Christmas Cake

As we are approaching Christmas soon, I thought it was about time I made my Christmas cake, as the Hubster and In-law like the alcoholic Christmas cake, which means I’ve got a few weeks of feeding this sober cake and … Read More

Snowman Christmas Cake

I love Christmas time, I had made the actual Cherry Brandy Christmas Cake at the end of November and have fed it Brandy and Cherry Brandy weekly. It’s going to be a boozy cake! This year I decided to make … Read More

Cherry Brandy Christmas Cake

5oz Sultanas 5oz Mixed Dried Fruit 3oz Apricots 2oz glacé cherries 1oz cranberries 1oz candied peel 2Tbsp Cherry Brandy 4oz Flour 1/4 Nutmeg 1/4 Ground Spice 4oz Margarine 4oz Dark Brown Sugar 2 Eggs 1oz Almonds 1/2 Tbsp Black Treacle … Read More