Christmas in a Jar – DIY Gifts

 do love making home and hand made Christmas presents for teachers, so with the theme of the past few years and trying to stay creative like my Cookie Jar DIY gifts,  Brownie in a Jar, Mug Cake Mix or my … Read More

Brownie DIY Jar Gift

Making home-made gifts for people is such a satisfying experience. We going over for dinner to a neighbour’s house and didn’t want to go with just the normal cliche of Wine and Flowers, so I decided to make this Large … Read More

Cranberry Apple Chutney

When you start seeing bags of fresh cranberries for £1 you know it’s getting closer to Christmas and time to make some chutney! I love Christmas season, as you have yummy foods like cranberry chutney with cheese and biscuits or … Read More

Baileys Truffles

It’s that time of year where you start making truffles specially liquor truffles. I opted for more well known Baileys Truffles, but you can get very adventurous and try whiskey, rum and even kirsch truffles. These may get made over … Read More

Rudolph Hot Chocolate Gifts

Want to give a cute little present to someone that may have everything?! Don’t want to give the person a small smellies collections or chocolate? Why not get a little creative and try these Reindeer Hot Chocolate cones which are … Read More

Quick Easy Pineapple Jam/Compote

Ingredients: 1 kg chopped Pineapple 800g Sugar 1 Sachet Tate & Lyle Pectin 1 Tbsp Lemon Juice 1 knob Butter Sanitise the jars and jam funnel by washing in hot soap water, place on to a baking tray upside down. … Read More