Cereal Bars

Quick and easy homemade cereals bars for lunch box treats, specially for kids. It’s not very often I buy cereal bars anymore, as its so quick and easy to make it yourself. You know what goes into them and you … Read More

Cereal Marshmallow Bars

Ingredients 4oz marshmallows 9oz Mixed Cereal 2 tbsp butter 50g Dark chocolate Break up the chocolate and melt in the microwave and set aside. In a pan over medium heat add the butter and marshmallows. Keep stirring until completely melted … Read More

Marshmallow Cornflake Chocolate Crispies

Ingredients: 200g Milk Chocolate 100g CornFlakes 50g Marshmallows Sprinkles Melt milk chocolate in a glass microwave proof bowl for 20 seconds at a time until completely melted. In a large bowl add the corn flakes Pour in the melted chocolate … Read More

S’more Brownie Cake

My daughter is going to a Beavers Camp this weekend, and what better to take – S’more Brownie Cakes! Ingredients: 200g Digestive Biscuits 125g Butter 115g Butter 100g Dark Chocolate 40g Milk Chocolate 190g Brown Sugar 140g Caster sugar 2 … Read More