Veggie Fish ( Battered Halloumi)

Have you ever heard of ‘Veggie Fish & chips’?! I had some a few years ago at the Britannia Pub in Northampton. It was chips, mushy peas and veggie fish – which is battered fried halloumi! So here is my … Read More

Fat-free Garlic/Chilli/herb Halloumi Homemade

I had 2 4pint skimmed milk going out of date in the next couple days and as we had planned to go away for the weekend I would have gone to waste…I don’t like waste! It’s another fat-free Homemade Halloumi … Read More

Fat Free Chilli Halloumi

Homemade Halloumi is easy, time-consuming as takes awhile but an easy process. You can add herbs, chilli or just leave it salted. It’s the cheese that doesn’t melt! Grill it, bake it or fry it – it’s a great fat-free … Read More