Chocolate Microwave Pudding/Cake

55g Margarine
60ml Milk
1 Egg
110g Caster sugar
110g Self raising flour
30g Cocoa
60ml Double cream
30ml Milk
100g Chocolate


Into a glass microwave safe bowl add melted margarine, milk and egg. Whisk together until egg is mixed into the batter.


Add the cocoa, flour and sugar into the margarine mixture.


Lightly whisk together until all combined. Sprinkle some water over the top of the batter.Place into the microwave for 5 minutes on a 1000w microwave. May take slightly longer if you microwave isn’t as powerful.


While the cake is cooking, add the cream, milk and chocolate into a pan over medium heat.


Stir well, ensuring the chocolate has melted through and come to the boil.


Using a sharp knife, run it around the outside of the cake to release from the bowl.IMG_7072.JPG

Tip the cake on a plate, and slice into quarters.


Pour the sauce over the cake and enjoy.

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