Apple Carrot Loaf

Sweet moist lightly spiced apple and carrot loaf cake is the perfect thing to make when you might have a few of those apples that have gone slightly soft on the skin and oh I hate a soft apple. I … Read More

Fruity Banana Loaf

If you have an over ripe banana, here is a good way to use it up in an everyday fruit loaf. Spread a little butter or keep it plain with your cuppa tea or coffee, the cake loaf has a … Read More

Hot Cross Buns

Now does anyone know why there needs to be a cross on the hot cross bun? I wish i knew, I did do a quick google on it but nothing about the history behind the cross – so if you … Read More

Fruity Chocolate Squares

These little cakes are light and fruity! The will make a great eleven am coffee and cake treat or paired up with an afternoon cuppa tea. You  can actually freeze these Fruity Chocolate Squares for use in later weeks or … Read More