Summer Fruit Butters & Mug Cookie Gifts

Food gifts are usually something that everyone loves, specially when they are homemade. This year for end of school year, I decided to make fruit butters ( please see earlier posts Pineapple Mango Fruit Butter, Mango Plum Fruit Butter and … Read More

Mug Cookie DIY Jar

I do enjoy making Cookie Mix in a jar where by all the dry ingredient are in the jar and all that needs to be added is the wet. These little mini jars make perfect Mug Cake or Cookie Gifts … Read More

Peach and Apple Jam/Compote

Ingredients: 1kg of De- stoned & peeled Peach ( Donut Peaches and Regular Peaches) 100g of chopped apple 100ml of water 1 tbsp pectin 1 Juice of Lemon For this jam I used a mixture of flat peaches and regular … Read More