Mug Cookie DIY Jar

I do enjoy making Cookie Mix in a jar where by all the dry ingredient are in the jar and all that needs to be added is the wet.


These little mini jars make perfect Mug Cake or Cookie Gifts at a size of 8oz its the right size. IMG_9553

You start with layering the ingredients, half the flour and sugar in layers. I used a little mini muffin pan dobber to help smooth out the sugar.IMG_9044

As you can see below, it helps pack in to the jar and make the distinctive layers.


Then you continue with the remaining flour and sugar. IMG_9049

Add the chocolates right at the top of the jar so that they can be seen from the outside. You add chocolate chips, smarties, buttons even nuts or raisins.IMG_9545

Makes a beautiful favour or part of the bigger gift.   IMG_9547

Label with instructions, wrap up in a cello bag and add a wooden spoon for an extra touch.

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