Healthy smoothie (Vitamix)

There is nothing like a fresh smoothie made with nothing but natural ingredients. Can I say when you have a Vitamix making a smoothie is quick, super quick!Vitamix Smoothie

1/2 Large Apple
4 Cherry Tomatoes
2inch Piece of Cucumber
Handfull of fresh Spinach
handful of frozen blueberries
Handfull if frozen Raspberries

Vitamix Smoothie

In a Blender or Vitamix add all the indgredients ( keep the skin on the apple & cucumber)Vitamix Smoothie

Fill with about 200-300mls of cold waterVitamix Smoothie

And Blend, start at lowest speed and within 10 seconds up the speed to full power for about 20 seconds.Vitamix Smoothie

Now pour into a glass and enjoy – natural sweetness with all the goodness.

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