Frozen Hot Chocolate – Sunday Sundae

So after my Las Vegas trip July and having the amazing Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate, I thought I would try to create one at home for the kids to have – and they loved it! It’s their new favourite treat. As my usual Sunday Sundae post – I thought I would share this lovely treat!


100ml Milk ( I used skimmed milk)
1 sachet of Cadbury’s Hot chocolate mix
1 Tbsp of cocoa
1 Tsbp Sugar
1 Tsbp chocolate Milk shake powder
100g Vanilla Ice cream
6-8 ice cubes
Whipped cream
2 Mini Cadbury flakes
Chocolate Sauce
Chocolate crumbled pieces


Into a Vitamix or blender add milk and a sachet of hot chocolate


To make this richer, I added cocoa, milk shake powder and sugar


Add ice and ice creamIMG_3148

Blend until completely blended with no ice chunks. With a Vitamix this takes a few seconds.


Pour into 2 cupsIMG_3151

Add a little chocolate sauce IMG_3152

Squirt on some whipped cream over both cups and insert a funsize flake into both cups.IMG_3156

Drizzle chocolate sauce over the cream and add some crumbled chocolate over the top.IMG_3157

Serve immediately and watch the kids devour this in minutes!IMG_3153

Great Sunday mid morning treat!



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