Muesli Bars

Easy peasy homemade muesli bars are perfect for a lunch box treat for the children, snack after school before the swimming lessons to keep the kids tied over until dinner or for a quick treat with your cuppa for an … Read More

Apricot Muesli Flapjacks

Ingredients: 150g Butter 150g Light Brown Muscavardo 30ml Golden Syrup 150g Oats 50g Muesli 75g Dried Apricot In a small pan add butter, sugar and golden syrup. Melt the butter sugar mixture over medium heat. In a bowl add the … Read More

Honey Muesli Flapjacks

Another revised flapjack recipe. 225g Butter 60g Honey 125g Golden Syrup 100g Light Brown Sugar 350g Oats 100g Milk Chocolate 160g Raisins 250g Muesli Melt in a sauce the butter, honey, syrup and sugar. Into a big bowl add the … Read More