Olaf Frozen Cake

Well Frozen seems to be the latest craze in cakes this year, so here is my version! initially I was going to make the summer theme, but I think the Winter theme gives it more of the Frozen effect. I … Read More

Pony Stable Cake

Ingredients: 6 Eggs 12oz Butter 12oz Self raising flour 12oz Caster sugar 3 tsp baking powder 2 tsp vanilla Red food colouring Add all the top ingredients except red food colouring and mix for 2 mins, then add a few … Read More

Barbie Birthday Cake

My newest and proobably my most enjoyable creation. My daughters Barbie Princess cake, which she shared with her class at school.I started with my basic chocolate sprong cake ( mutiplied up) Indregients: 14oz Margerine 14oz Caster Sugar 140z Self-Raising Flour … Read More